Fluid Landscapes
Artist’s Statement

For the Fluid Landscape Series, I approach my subject as a painter would, using my camera as a brush.

Long shutter speeds, often with some movement to the camera, create images in which the detail of location is lost, but the texture of brush strokes is captured.

The resulting intensity of the colors is as if the longer the canvas is open, the more paint it will absorb, thus creating my form of painting with my camera.

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Green Field IIGreen Field VGreen Field IIIRed over BlackYellow Stripe White TreesBlue over Yellow IIYellow ValleyBlue over Yellow IBlue over Yellow IIIBlue Water IBlue Water IIBlue Water IIIBlue over GreenBlue with White StripeGreen Field IGreen Field VIGreen Field IVPeach over BlueOcean IIOcean I