The Photography of Art and the Art of Photography

Do you need high quality images of your artwork and find it difficult to do it for yourself? Carol Krauss has been photographing artwork for more than 15 years and knows what other artists go through.

For that unusual piece of art or craft or when you need high quality images for art juries, gallery owners, magazines, collectors, or other purposes, contact Carol Krauss for an easy experience.

As an artist and photographer herself, she believes that the photography of art should be both a personal and illuminating experience. She enjoys getting to know the artist as well as the artwork and generously shares her knowledge of the process. Her goal is to support emerging and established artists so that they can have their work seen in the best possible light by jurors and gallery owners.

Carol Krauss uses the latest techniques to assure accurate representation of artwork. Glass, metal or other reflective surfaces are captured using special lighting, filtration and calibration techniques. She can handle everything from small jewelry to large sculpture, either in her studio or in situ. She also has a creative pricing policy!

Contact Carol Krauss to discuss your needs.

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