Torn Memories Series
Artist's Statement

Memories are not real. They are filtered through time and emotion. Somewhat altered, foggy, or vague, they comfort us in their warmth. Both detailed and blurry at the same time, they allow us to touch the previous times and places that make us who we are.

These images seem to be torn from my past, a page out of a previous life, subject to interpretation each time. Just as a memory may vary from time to time, each print will vary according to my own feelings while printing. No two prints are exactly alike; no two memories are exactly alike.

My challenge was how to translate the idea of a memory in my head onto paper. After much trial and error, I finally realized that I needed to create a new photographic darkroom technique.

Images are split-printed using various diffusion materials and then split-toned on warm tone paper. I built and manipulated a custom frame to create the edge effect. All prints are Selenium Split-Toned Silver Gelatin Prints printed by hand in the darkroom, image size 5”x5”, framed 14”x18”. Nothing is digital.

All images are printed in editions of 10. Prices increase as the edition sells out.

Contact the artist for current pricing and multi-print installations.
AbandonedGarden GateRunway PierHeaven's GateFrog Point