Polaroid Transfer--The Last Polaroid Series
Artist's Statement

When Polaroid announced the end of Type 669 film, which was used by artists and photographers for transfers, the whole art world grieved for an art and science that would be lost.

My response was to honor the Polaroid Corporation, which had had a culture of supporting artistic innovation and experimentation, by creating a series of traditional classical still lifes with flowers, the antithesis of more contemporary work.

Thankfully, Fujifilm has recognized the creative power of artistry and now has a nearly comparable film with the potential to transfer. Perhaps the next series?

Starting with an image on a 35mm slide and using a slide printer, the image is projected onto the Polaroid film which in turn is then transferred onto watercolor paper. No two images are alike.

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Keywords:Flowers, Landscape, Nautilus, Ocean, Shells