Carol's "Liner Notes" . . .  


Over my years of teaching and learning about art and photography, I have come across many people who have either influenced me significantly or who I have influenced.  

All good website designers tell me not to let people stray from my website, but I don't care.  It is my great pleasure to honor those whom I believe have had a profound influence on me or I have profoundly influenced.

f/8 Critique Group

f/8, named as an homage to f/64 group that included Ansel Adams, Minor White, and Edward Weston, it was my first and most special crit group.   Born out of the early NESOP days, the initiator was Miriam Goodman who quickly rounded up the troops and convinced the rest of us that we needed each other.  So true.  

Miriam Goodman

Friend, critic, mentor, poet, photographer, Miriam was all of the above to me.  I was lucky enough to meet her in one of Nick Johnson's first B&W classes at NESOP in the 1990s.  She blended her love of words, her crazy sense of humor, and her unique vision to challenge those of us more word/image-challenged to try new ways of looking at the world.  She passed away sadly and far too soon in 2008, but will never be forgotten.

Karen Davis

Karen Davis was also in that first famous group of future photographers in Nick Johnson's early class.  She went on to to lead the Atelier program, first at Radcliff Seminars, then at Lesley University, and now at the Griffin Musuem.  I have learned from her, taught her, laughed with her, and cried with her.  She now runs the Davis Orton Gallery in Hudson NY with her husband, Mark.

Lloyd Wolf

Lloyd Wolf is one of the most talented, prolific, thoughtful photographers I have ever witnessed.  I have known him as a friend since high school days and as a photographer since post-college.  He was the first person who taught me how to work in a darkroom and he is the one I still go to with questions.  A fiercely independent and prolific (think Energizer bunny) documentary photographer, he captures people's emotions respectfully and honestly.

Astrid Reischwitz

Astrid Reischwitz came to me to (re)learn her darkroom skills shortly after moving to the Boston-area.  In the dark, we became fast friends.  In the light, she became a thoughtful, introspective, graceful fine art photographer.  I continue to be amazed and proud of her accomplishments as she gets more and more recognition for her explorations of memory through photography.

Faith Margolin

Faith Margolin came to my B&W photography classes to learn traditional skills.  She became a dear friend for the rest of her life.  She had a gift for finding comfort in her portrait subjects and gentleness in her still lifes.  She did not leave a website when she passed away in 2012.

Cindy Stephens

Cindy Stephens was an eager student in my B&W classes who became an early adopter of digital photograhy.  She combined her professional career in marketing with her talent in photography to become not only a successful artist, but a respected teacher of the marketing of photography.  She has many helpful articles on blog on her website.

Elaine Freitas

Elaine Freitas was first a student with me in the darkroom when her daughter was a preschooler.  It was clear she had a gift for photographing children, relationships, and love.  She has gone on to master portrait and wedding photography first with a successful business in Brazil and now restarting her business in Massachusetts.  I am always impressed with the ease at which she manages to capture the real essence of the moment.

No Name Critique Group

My current crit group is indispensable, although the name is quite dispensable!  We grew out of one of the Atelier programs at the Griffin Museum and are now four years old, evolving in all kinds of unexpected ways.  Most of us alter our photography in one way, shape, or form, some much more than others.  Always respectful, always creative, always supportive.  Wish we had a website!